Complete Vulnerability

Detecting potential vulnerabilities, aggregating, enriching, and prioritizing them, and taking rapid action is critical in today's world to enhance our resilience against cyber threats. This capability should also be continuous.

Bizzy platform reinforces cyber security resilience through prioritization, automation, Big Data analytics, machine learning, and vulnerability management capabilities, enabling continuous, rapid, and precise actions.

  • Central Management of Vulnerabilities

    Today, in order to increase our resilience against cyber attacks, we Being able to be informed quickly about the vulnerabilities, bringing them together, It is important that we have the ability to relate and take quick action. carries. This ability should also carry continuity.

    Bizzy platform with prioritization, automation, big data analysis capabilities Continuous, fast and accurate actionable vulnerability management features It contributes to increasing the Security Resilience.

  • Which of My Assets are at the Highest Risk?

    Inventory tracking is becoming increasingly challenging in constantly evolving IT/OT infrastructures. Many organizations do not even know exactly what accessible systems they have over the Internet. In cases where questions such as "what systems do I have", "what components are running on them", and "which vulnerabilities are they exposed to" cannot be answered, the likelihood of encountering serious breaches increases.

  • Which Vulnerabilities are More Critical?

    The number of vulnerabilities in large organizations can reach quite high numbers. In cases where a high number of vulnerabilities are being dealt with, information about which vulnerability to focus on first becomes a valuable piece of information, especially in situations where there is a lack of qualified expert resources available.

  • Identification and Aggregation of Vulnerabilities

    Various methods and tools are used to identify vulnerabilities. None of them are sufficient on their own. When vulnerability detection is approached from an attacker's perspective, it becomes possible to identify more problems.

    Using commercial or open-source tools of various types and purposes, aggregating the results, intelligently grouping and deduplicating, and assuring risk visibility enables the identification of actual risks.

    In order to take action, these vulnerabilities must be immediately assigned to relevant parties. This is only possible if all elements operate in a harmonious and integrated manner.

  • Focusing on Root Causes and Definitive Solutions

    Organizations may invest in perimeter network &application security solutions to address security problems. However, attackers are constantly working on new techniques to exploit vulnerabilities by circumventing or bypassing these solutions. For this reason, the most critical step in increasing cyber resilience is to focus on the root causes of problems and take action to eliminate them.

    The Bizzy platform gathers data from various sources, i.e., vulnerabilities, processes it using methods such as machine learning, and helps us gain Full and True Visibility of Vulnerabilities.

About Bizzy

Bizzy is a Cyberwise technology. Cyberwise is a cyber security company, offering penetration tests and other related consultancy services for IT and OT systems for over 20 years. Bizzy software was developed in collaboration with Cyberwise Pentest know-how and professionals, as well as software experts located on the METU Teknokent campus. The Bizzy platform has been in development since 2018 and is already used by a wide variety of clients across more than 10 industries.


Bizzy; constantly measure the effectiveness of your security controls, detect vulnerabilities detection of possible effects on systems, code and application-based vulnerabilities contributes to its management. Brochure for detailed information about Bizzy You can review.

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